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Species from Faeces: Bats

We are pleased to provide this service in partnership with the Bat Conservation Trust, to whom we donate a fixed percentage of income from every order. As ecologists and conservationists, we are always glad to be able to support and work alongside nature conservation charities and NGOs, and to give something back to nature.

There are two main streams to our bat species ID service. 

SFF Bat: Simple ID

This service is based on Sanger sequencing and works well on relatively fresh samples originating from a single species of bat. It may fail on old and degraded samples or when the sample includes material originating from more than one bat species.

£60 + VAT per sample, including any sampling materials required. Results are returned within 2 weeks of the sample arriving at the lab.

SFF Bat: Extended

This uses DNA Metabarcoding to analyse the sample, producing tens of thousands of sequences per sample. The majority of sequences originate from the bat, yielding an extremely high confidence species identification.

This approach has the following additional benefits:

  • It is well-suited to mixed-species samples, so you can process multiple droppings from a site in a single reaction. If the droppings are from a mixture of species then all will be identified in the results.
  • The analysis usually returns some information on bat diet because DNA originating from invertebrate prey are sequenced along with the bat DNA. This can provide valuable insight into feeding behaviour and habitat use, as shown in this blog post.

£120 + VAT per sample. Results are usually returned in 4-6 weeks


To order an SFF Bats analysis, please contact us or complete our online order form.

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